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An IKHR Sanctioned program for Kunekune Hog Preservation Through Utilization.

Formally the International Kunekune Pig Pork Project, International Kunekune Pork Producers has taken the lead in promoting the Kunekune Hog for its incredible ability to graze grass cleanly and thrive in various production environments all while turning it into beautifully succulent, red, well-marbled and delicious tasting pork. This, along with copious amounts of excellent, pure white fat and beautifully unblemished leaf lard.



The AKPR/IKHR was the first organization to promote the breed as a meat animal in the USA securing its status around the world as pig perfect for large or small farms, urban/city farms, homesteaders, pastured pork production, charcuterie aritsans, home butchery, farm to table eateries, and the list goes on.


A growing number of Kunekune Hog breeders and farmers in countries around the world are recognizing the added value the breed can bring to their many varied operations. These dedicated breeders wish to honor the legacy set forth by the Maori people of New Zealand and have taken on the responsibility to preserve the breed through its utilization as a meat animal.


The IKHR seeks to access the hard data that these unparalleled breeding programs can provide to the historic record of the Kunekune Hog breed all across the globe. All breeders of purebred, registered Kunekune Hogs are invited to become one of the valued members of the Project and to join us in providing this much needed data with the goal of a secure future for the Kunekune Hog breed. *The data that is collected and recorded by the Project will be provided to its members and calculations for selection of breeding pairs to optimize production in their operations will be supplied by the Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement.


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