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Lori Enright


Founder and Historian

Lori has raised and kept Kunekune Hogs at her farm in Southern California for 20 years.  Breeding and producing from North American's most decorated and well known herd (The USA Herd), Lori has provided prized stock to farms across the US and Canada.  Lori has completed major imports to the US from the UK and NZ as well as major exports to Canada, this stock has served as the basis for the Kunekune Herds seen today throughout North America.    Lori's unprecedented commitment to this breed for the past 20 years have perpetuated the Kunekune Hog forward as a pastured pork producer, Lori harvested the first Kunekune Hog in North American in 2009.   A "Pig Pioneer" of sorts, Lori founded the AKBA in 2006 in order to keep record of the breed in America and initiated the requirement for DNA proof of parentage as a requirement for registration in 2009 - without these efforts North American would not have the years of DNA proof of parentage to support the purity of the breed.  Her vision of the Kunekune as livestock and a production animal has created a sustainable future for the breed throughout the world.


Andy & Maureen Case


Long time UK pig farmers, Andy & Maureen Case are known to keep a multi-award winning herd of Kunekune Pigs and Oxford Sandy & Blacks on their historic family property in the beautiful countryside of Dorset, England--Long Ash Farm.  Andy is a very well respected swine judge, prolific writer/published author and artist.  Maureen is known for being a wonderful cook, tough competitor in the show ring and important contributor to the preservation of the OSB in England and elsewhere.  Andy & Maureen imported their foundation breeding Kunekune Pigs from top New Zealand breeders, Pat and Patsy Leek.  They were the first to export Kunekunes to the United States and have provided pigs to breeders all across the UK and the world. 


Al Christian


Iowa State University recently recognized Allen Christian for his dedication and commitment to the management of their Swine Teaching Farm by naming the farm in his honor.  After more than 50 years of service to ISU and its students, joining as swine herdsman in 1959, Al retired in 2010 from teaching and managing.  His students ranked him as one of the best-crediting him with lessons learned on life as well as those learned about pigs.  Al Christian travels across the country as a consultant and swine show judge.  Christian serves as one of IKHR's "Approved Judges" and is appreciated for his expertise whenever called upon.  

Professor Steven Moeller


Dr. Steven J. Moeller, Professor of Animal Sciences at Ohio State University, is a State Swine Extension Specialist.  While his accomplishments are too numerous to mention here, he is known for teaching and the development of curriculum for Swine Sciences at OSU as well as working with a team to create online courses such as PorkBridge and SowBridge.  Prof. Moeller sits on a multitude of committees and boards serving the pork industry and swine producers across the United States.  His work is also recognized internationally for his extensive outreach to many countries offering various educational opportunities to assist pork producers worldwide.  Of most importance to IKHR is his desire to facilitate the increase in Kunekune Hogs in the niche market and to serve as an expert upon which we may rely for relevant and current information. 


Professor Tim Safranski


Professor Tim Safranski is an Associate Professor at the University of Missouri serving as a Swine Breeding Specialist.  In this capacity, Dr. Safranski provides state-wide leadership for producers, regional extension faculty, veterinarians and other industry support personnel in the areas of genetics and reproductive management of swine.  Among other things, Prof. Safranski serves on the Board of Directors for the Livestock Breeds Conservancy and is forward thinking with regard to rare and heritage breed pigs.  His passion and dedication to helping people reach their desired goals while utilizing alternative methods for swine production is exemplary. 

Dr. Jessica Law


Dr. Jessica Law graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Calgary. She joined Prairie Swine Health Services after graduation to pursue production animal medicine. In practice, Jessica enjoys working to improve herd health and performance through preventative herd health programs, reproduction, biosecurity, welfare assessments, as well as disease investigations. Her passions lie in pathology, epidemiology and theriogenology. Within the first two years of practice, she was introduced to the amazing breed that is the Kunekune and sustains veterinarian-client-patient relationships with fantastic producers across Canada and the United States. Jessica is currently serving as the President of both the Western Canadian Association of Swine Veterinarians and the Canadian Association of Swine Veterinarians. In 2018, Jessica received the Rising Star Award at the Alberta Pork Congress and in 2021 she received Young Veterinarian of the year from the ABVMA.

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