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In Order to Complete This Form:


  • You MUST be a Registered Breeder in good standing-- Join IKHR by obtaining a Herd Prefix

  • You MUST have owned the sow at the time of farrowing, if you do not own the sire of the litter, the boar's owner must submit either a Certificate of Service or Stud Service form before the litter notification will be processed
  • Provide Correct Information -- Complete the correct information on the form below for each piglet farrowed:   sex, color, number of wattles, stillborn or alive

Litter Notification Forms are submitted at NO CHARGE by IKHR Registered Breeders in good standing.   We highly encourage our breeders to submit Litter Notifications on ALL litters.   This assists in the tracking of valuable data pertinent to breed performance.  By obtaining herd book numbers on all piglets farrowed within your breeding programs you are allowing IKHR to record this valuable information within our permanent Foundation Herd Book. 

In order to record your litter with IKHR please fully complete the following form.    Once we process your information Herd Book numbers will be assigned and will be returned to you via e-mail. 

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