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Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer (SCNT)


A cell-cloned animal is one that results from cells produced through a tissue sample provided by a genetic cell-donor, they are combined with an enucleated oocyte (unfertile egg with the nucleus removed) and fused together using a process called electrofusion. The resulting embryos are cultured and transferred into recipient mothers.

The following requirements shall apply to the registration of hogs resulting from Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer (SCNT):


The individual applying for registration must be a registered breeder in good standing with the International Kunekune Hog Registry (IKHR).


Only SCNT cell-cloned animals shall be eligible for registration. Genetically altered or genetically modified animals shall never be considered for registration. The sire and dam on the registration certificate of the cell-cloned animal will be the same as the cell-donor animal.


The cell-donor animal must be DNA tested for proof of parentage and registered in the IKHR herd book.


The cell-donor animal and the cell-cloned animal must be DNA marker typed for a genetic match.  This will be the standard parent verification that is required for genetic confirmation and registration of a cell-cloned animal.


The owner of the cell-donor animal at the time of tissue harvest will be identified as the breeder of the cell-cloned offspring.


Hogs conceived after the death of cell-donor animals, shall be eligible for registration under the same conditions and provisions governing the eligibility of hogs conceived prior to the death of said animal.


Registration of cell-cloned animals shall be made on the standard registration form and the appropriate section marked designating the animal as a cell-cloned Kunekune Hog.


Registration certificates issued for cell cloned animals shall indicate that the animal is a Cell-Cloned Kunekune Hog. The registration number of the cell-donor animal, which was cloned, shall also be stated on the registration certificate. The name of the cell-cloned animal shall have the same name as the cell-donor and the symbol “SCNTxx” will be added to the end of the name, where “xx” is the sequence number of the cloned animal. An example is ABC Mahia Love 1 SCNT01, which would be the first cloned hog of ABC Mahia Love 1.

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