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IKHR provides to its approved applicants a record keeping registry of purebred Kunekune Hogs.  Upon approval of your Prefix Application, you will become a "Registered Breeder".  Becoming a Registered Breeder Affords no rights or privileges with regard to IKHR, its records, or fellow Registered Breeders. The IKHR Herd Book is provided as public information and registry files may be provided upon request by Registered Breeders in good standing.  Registered Breeders are the benefactors of their association with IKHR and will not hold it (IKHR) liable for mistakes made in record keeping.  Registered Breeders enter into this agreement freely and may dissolve their agreement at any time.  IKHR reserves the right to refuse service to anyone without cause. 

Note: A prefix is used as the traditional means by which to identify a breeder/breeding program and will become part of the official name of all piglets produced by that breeder/program.  For example: USA Kunekunes uses the prefix “USA”.  Any piglets produced by USA Kunekunes would have their registered name begin with “USA” followed by the bloodline name and ending with the particular pig in that bloodline.  Example: USA Andrew 1.


By completing this purchase you agree to meet all requirements of IKHR both written and implied, as well as any changes/amendments to those requirements.  IKHR will make every effort to give prior notice to impending changes, however, if such notice is not received before changes go into effect, the breeder will remain accountable.


Thank you for your support.


Annual fee of $40 due January 1st of each year (not pro-rated).

IKHR reserves the right to refuse service to anyone

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