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This form is to be used for the registration of Certified MEAT Animals only NOT for registered breeding stock, please see "Registration Application" for registered breeding stock.


The IKHR is pleased to offer this registration option for IKHR registered breeders.  This initiative enables breeders to register Meat Animals produced within their breeding program for the purpose of verifying a purebred animal for the production of purebred meat product. The registration process is the same as that for registered breeding stock minus the need to DNA test these animals. While DNA testing is not required for meat animals, the IKHR reserves the right to randomly test animals or meat products as a means of audit. Similar to breeding stock, breeders may register meat animals to themselves or buyers of said animals.

Completion of this form will generate a Certificate for the meat animal indicated that is hereby certified under Kunekune Pedigree Pork having met the requirements with both the sire and dam being registered with the International Kunekune Hog Registry with DNA Parent Verification.  This animal is intended for harvest for the purpose of food and to utilize it for breeding purposes is expressly prohibited.

Animals with less than 2 wattles are eligible for Kunekune Pedigree Pork registration.

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