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Browse our list of online forms to complete your desired task.  Don't see what you require?  Contact us directly with any questions.

For notifying a litter to IKHR

For new breeders applying to become a Registered IKHR Breeder for the first time.

For the registration of Certified MEAT Animals only NOT for registered breeding stock, please see "Registration" for registered breeding stock.

For notifying sows or gilts that have been serviced via Artificial Insemination with semen purchased via a Boar Stud

For IKHR sanctioning of shows and events.  By attaining sanctioning you will enlist recognition and marketing support from IKHR.

For requesting official registration of a hog litter notified with IKHR

For youth who wish to have their own breeding program, applying to become a Registered IKHR Breeder for the first time.

For notifying service of a gilt/sow which was bred or exposed to a boar when sold

For notifying all deceased animals including meat pigs harvested for pork production

For the purpose of tracing unrecognized or undocumented animals.  Should be used ONLY in cases where the breeder can no longer be contacted or is unknown.

For transferring a hog that is officially registered with IKHR to a new owner.

For established Registered Breeders with an existing herd prefix. Dues to be collected on January 1st of each year.

For notifying the studding out of a boar for service of gilts/sows owned by another breeder

For requesting duplicate copies of Official Registration Certificates

For requesting consideration for registration with IKHR for animals not currently included in the Foundation Herd Book

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