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International Kunekune Pork Producers will be able to participate in three aspects of Kunekune Pork Production in the following ways: 

1.  CARCASS MERIT - measurements of loin eye and back fat will be taken on breeding and production stock to track averages among herds who are intentionally selected for market type.  Weights, body condition scores, rate of gain, carcass quality and yield, are among the quantifying values to be attained. Scores will be recognized with merits from IKHR.  

2.  EPDs - Expected Progeny Differences - data will be collected from IKHR Registered Breeders to determine futurity of selected breeding boars and sows to produce the highest quality market animals.   EPDs are usually calculated for birth, growth, maternal, and carcass traits and are reported in the same units of measurement as the trait (normally in pounds).  IKHR will keep these scores as well as track the progress of each particular breeding program with such information as highest producing sow/boar, highest numbers weaned, working age for boars, age at first estrus, age at first parity for gilts, traits passed on such a number of teats, wattles, etc.   

3.  NUTRIENT DENSITY - breeders will have the opportunity to provide samplings of their pork for testing by a certified laboratory to measure nutrient density of vitamins, minerals, Omega-6s/Omega-3s, etc. Tracking of this information alongside the methods by which the pork is produced will provide IKHR Registered Breeders with valuable data on the best production models for the breed ultimately benefiting their consumers.   


Participating Herds

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