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In Order to Complete this Form:  


  • ONLY the person listed as the breeder of the litter in the herd book may apply for registration (it is the breeder's responsibility to register any animals sold as such, buyers/owners CANNOT apply to register or DNA test an animal on behalf of the breeder).


  • Submit DNA for proof of parentage and obtain results.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  If doing DNA testing at UC Davis, only DNA case numbers containing the prefix AKB, NCS or KPS will be accepted for registration, NO EXCEPTIONS.  Only the individual listed as the breeder of the animal in the Herd Book may DNA test said animal.  If the name of the breeder on the DNA report does not match the name of the breeder listed in the herd book, the test will NOT be accepted.  


Registration will not be processed without a copy of a DNA report!

Please note pigs being registered with the special designation of Tapeka Trait, High Percentage White, Ivanleigh Blended Belly Band or Swallow Belly will require submission of photos in order to confirm the designation and complete registration.

As of January 1, 2021, pigs with less than 2 wattles will no longer be considered for registration.

IKHR reserves the right to ask for photographic evidence of wattles at anytime for any animal.

Animal ID is MANDATORY for registration and MUST be attached to the hog at the time of registration.  IKHR reserves the right to ask for photographic evidence of Animal ID at anytime for any animal.  As of January 1, 2023 - only Ear Tags and Ear Notching will be accepted as an official form of identification for registration.

Submitting false information when applying for registration will result in forfeit of breeder registration rights with the IKHR indefinitely.

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