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Show rules:

  • Exhibitors must be the IKHR Registered Owners and IKHR Registered Breeders in good standing.

  • All hogs one year of age and older must be registered in the IKHR herd book.

  • All hogs under one year of age are required to be litter notified with IKHR herd book number assigned.

  • All hogs must be double wattled to be entered and shown in Breeding, Specialty (except Pen of Pork) and Showmanship classes.  


  • Hogs with less than 2 wattles may be shown in Market and Pen of Pork classes but must be registered as IKHR Kunekune Pedigree Pork regardless of age.

  • Handlers must be IKHR Registered Breeders, registered IKHR Associates, IKHR Junior Members or members of the Exhibitor's immediate family.  Handlers are not required to own the hog(s) they exhibit.

  • Breeding Classes for Boars/Sows will be grouped by age as of the show date.

  • Market Classes will be grouped by declared weight.  Hogs must be less than 18 months of age.  Intact boars are not allowed.

  • Individual hogs may be entered in multiple classes but should not be entered in both Breeding and Market classes.

  • Showmanship Classes are grouped by handlers' age as of the show date.

  • IKHR is not responsible for mistakes made on entry forms.

  • Respect for the judge(s) and their decisions is expected.

  • Our goal is to contribute to a positive outlook on the breed so that we are seen as serious by swine/pork industry members.


Video Guidelines:


  • Videos must be between 60 and 90 seconds in duration and shot horizontal (i.e. rotate your phone to landscape mode).

  • Videos should not contain voices or comments.  No talking.

  • Videos should show all angles of the animal and not focus on the Handler except in the case of Showmanship classes.  Showmanship classes should include the Handler and capture their ability and demeanor.

  • Videos should be shot at the animals height and show the animal walking toward and away from the camera as well as a profile of both sides.

  • Videographer can turn towards the animal but should not walk, follow or zoom the camera in and out.

  • Handlers shall drive the animal using a hog stick, cane or hog whip.  Hog boards and baiting are not allowed. Keep your hog moving.

  • Handlers shall wear appropriate attire for "American style" exhibition.  This includes closed toe shoes or boots, long pants/jeans, button down shirt, polo shirt, or blouse.  Coats, jackets, sweaters, and vests are optional.  Shorts, tee shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts are not allowed.  Hats and belt buckles are acceptable.

  • No farm logos or names shall appear on attire, signs or banners.  IKHR/PROJECT/Pedigree Pork logos are acceptable.


  • Hogs shall be clean and presented as though they are in a live show.  

  • Find a separate area to show your hog.  They should not be on pasture or in a pen with other animals.

  • Do not alter or edit your raw video in any way.  Upload your video directly from the device on which it was recorded.

Finally, be competitive.  Present yourself and your animal(s) in a professional and sportsman-like manner.  Thank your judge(s) and congratulate your fellow competitors once the results are presented online.  And, don't forget to have fun!

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