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To Begin:


  • Set the date for the show and apply for IKHR Sanctioning (applications must be received no less than 120 days prior to the show).


  • Upon receiving sanctioning for the show, secure a show facility and hire a judge – show facilities must be public venues with appropriate insurance coverage for hosting public events.


  • Appoint a Show Secretary


Recruit volunteers to assist on the day of the show:


  • Two individuals to help show secretary check in exhibitors and swine - read registration certificates and verify ear tag, tattoo, microchip numbers or ear notch as well as record class placing during the show.


  • An individual to act as announcer for the show


  • An individual to organize and hand out ribbons


  • Two individuals to keep the classes moving to and from the show ring


  • Two individuals to act as ring stewards – to assist with directing traffic, and enter ring with protective pig boards during senior swine classes if need be.


  • Involve the local youth agriculture organizations where possible.


  • Seek assistance in off loading and loading exhibitors’ swine via volunteers/local youth groups.


**   Aim to have as many volunteers as possible to assist you during the show.



For Exhibitors:


  • Create an exhibitor packet with a map, list of hotels and show rules.


  • Encourage exhibitors to review health papers and registration papers BEFORE leaving home.


  • Provide the following information regarding show dress code for exhibitors:


  • Set arrival and departure times in which exhibitors/swine must be on the grounds in order to show and in which they may/must vacate the grounds upon show completion.


  • Consider what items you may want to make available to exhibitors during the show ie. bedding, shavings, handling equipment (boards, canes/sticks), grooming products , feed etc.


  • Consider having extra handlers available for hire on the day/s of the show.



Promotion and Sponsorship:


  • Encourage local town officials to come to the show.


  • Request sponsorship for the show.  Consider local community organizations, businesses and breeders, offer promotional incentives for contributors during the show.


  • Provide information in your promotional material for out of town exhibitors.


  • Advertise your IKHR Sanctioned show.  Allow adequate time for promotion to maximize show attendance/participation.


  • Please provide the IKHR with as much information as possible about the show. This will allow IKHR staff to answer any questions that may arise concerning the show. The show will also be published on the IKHR website Events Calendar and IKHR FaceBook Page.



Show Configuration:


  • Make sure all water and electric outlets are working prior to check-in.


  • Pens should be of adequate size. Minimum suggested size is 4ft.x6ft.


  • Suggested ring size is 3000 square feet.


  • Consider creating a “winner’s circle” for photographs and have a photographer on site.


  • Consider on site catering during show days if show facility does not already offer this service.




  • Stay in contact with the IKHR, the team is here to assist you.


  • You will be required to send complete class sheets showing all exhibitors, not just the top few places to the IKHR following the show – First through third as well as Champion and Reserve plus Supreme Champion placings


  • Points will not be awarded to exhibitors/animals at your show until after the IKHR has received the Show results.


In Addition:


  • A show may be combined with a sale


  • If having a sale, the services of an onsite veterinarian to complete necessary health charts for traveling across state lines should be available.


  • Consider offering educational opportunities such as workshops and/or showmanship clinics for youth and adults.

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